Below are my favorite products for your postpartum toolkit!

Digestion and Nutrition

  • Bowel Health
    • Stool Softener: helps protect the pelvic floor from further damage after childbirth from strenuous pushing during a BM.
    • Foods that support digestion (prune juice, flax seed, apple sauce) 
  • Staying hydrated:
    • Simple Modern 32 oz cup – easy to track how much you’re drinking
    • NUUN or Ultima – alternate these electrolyte drinks with water
    • Shoot for 60-90 oz per day of water and/or electrolyte drink


Baby Tools (benefiting mama too!)

  • Sleep tools
    • SNOO –a bassinet that mimics the feel of the womb. Worth the cost! 
    • Magic Sleep Suit – if baby sleeps well, so do you!
  • Breastfeeding

Mental Health

  • While breastfeeding, meditate for 3-5 minutes 
  • While breastfeeding, practice deep breathing

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