Here are some of the common questions my patients ask after childbirth:

“How long should I wait?”
“Why is it painful?”
“Did the OBGYN give me too many stitches?”

Most women I’ve worked with have perineal scar tissue after birth. The tissues are tight, causing pain with intercourse. The good news? Lube is the answer for most.  If lube doesn’t do the trick and you’re still experiencing pain, give perineal massage a try. This can be done by you or your partner 😉

Tips for massaging your perineum:

  • The focus is gentle stretching of the tissue from inside the vaginal opening towards the rectum. Use your finger to apply gentle pressure in a variety of directions- downwards, sideways, circular, etc.
  • Massage 5-7 days in a row and you should see significant improvement in tissue flexibility.
  • There should be no pain with this technique.
  • If using this as a foreplay technique: Stay focused on your comfort and direct your partner accordingly to take as much time as needed to get your natural lubrication built up. Your vaginal tissue will respond positively to this and allow for pain-free penetration.

Here to help,

Jenn Lane