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I’m Jenn. I’m a physical therapist and pelvic floor specialist helping women get back to activity. Watch how pelvic health can benefit you!

What’s next on your healing journey?

What to Expect (For Postpartum) When You’re Expecting

Know what’s common and what to expect for getting your body back after baby.

Guide to Heal Diastasis Recti

Every mama wants to know how to get rid of the pooch caused by abdominal splitting.

All About Kegels

Say bye to leaking and vaginal tightness with these go-to exercises done properly.

Possible changes you might face after childbirth:

  1. Digestive issues and constipation
  2. Abdominal weakness
  3. Back pain
  4. Urinary leaking
  5. Difficulty returning to exercise

But don’t worry! You can gain back the physical functions you need to live fully. You do not need to settle! I have created courses for you to overcome each one of these woes.

Restore physical functionality from the convenience of your home.

During pregnancy, your health gets a lot of attention. Then once Baby comes all the sudden it’s on the back burner. For most women, postpartum recovery isn’t on their radar. Everything will just go back to normal, right? Don’t we wish.

Most women have unrealistic expectations for post-natal health and functionality. Sadly, this sets her up for disappointment, instead of awe and appreciation for the birth her body just performed. But not you. You’ve decided you want something different for your postpartum health. And you’ve come to the right place.

About Jenn

I’m a licensed Pelvic Floor Specialist and Orthopedic Manual Therapist. I’ve been practicing PT since 2002 in Denver, CO. I’m a mom of twins, now teenagers, and they keep me going from one sports event to another! For fun I love to mountain bike, ski, and play soccer. I understand what it’s like to balance family, an intense work life, and a healthy lifestyle.

Over the years, I’ve had patient after patient battle with chronic issues stemming from childbirth that could have been avoided with simple and easy PT exercises. Knowing what it’s like to juggle personal care and the demands of infants, I wanted to make this transformation available online so women can fit it in their daily routine. I am excited to guide you into healing and vitality so you can enjoy motherhood even more!

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